Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Wherein I Write About Writing

Every blogger must, at some point, blog about blogging. I'm not sure why, it just seems that most of us have this undeniable urge to justify the fact that we write about completely random stuff on a regular basis. There's nothing wrong with that (after all, I've done it). In fact, it's probably worthwhile for people to explore the reasons behind their blogs. With any luck, it'd result in a lot less "Today I made a grilled cheese for lunch. It was tasty. Then I had to do the groceries..." kind of blogs.

Of course, there happens to be a portion of the population who continues this sickness of writing outside the blog. Being one of those unfortunates myself, I thought I'd take the time to explain the reasons I write.
  1. Because I must - Sure, it sounds silly, but it's the most frequent response I see whenever the question is posed. Being unable to write for more than a day or two at a time really irritates me. Of course, this whole "I write because I just have to" argument could be boiled down to an addictive personality, which would explain why so many writers are big drinkers (and why I so often feel the need to check my email).

Do you know why that's the most frequent response? Because it's the only one. Really, any other justification one can give is ultimately going to be some variation of it (ie. "I have so many ideas", "I like to create", "I don't like to work so I need to write a bestseller", "If I don't, evil men will put spiders in my bed at night", etc, etc).

I think, instead of trying to put everything I want to say about writing into one post, that I'll break it up into a number of different ones. So, this is to be continued...


Dave2 said...

Yes, but what kind of cheese was on that sandwich?

Here I was getting all caught up in that story, and now I've been left hanging!

Were you using white or wheat bread? Sourdough, perhaps? Is that a George Foreman grill? Or do you just use a skillet? Or is it a fancy sandwich-maker that cooks both sides at once! Wow. That would really be something!

Argh. I just can't take it! You cheese teaser you!

12:20 AM  
Benjamin Solah said...

That's a great response. I can agree with the fact that I have an addictive personality and I hate to work.

Trust me, my bestseller is boiling up :p

11:08 AM  

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