Friday, November 11, 2005

On Mass Romantic

Instead of a general progress post today, I thought it would be more interesting if I wrote a little about Mass Romantic itself. As some of you know, this is my first shot at literary fiction. Personally, I haven't found it to be much of a stretch for me. Much of the SF I've been writing lately has been skewing towards a LitFic-esque style, so this has really all been about taking it one step further.

The most difficult part for me has been getting used to the idea of writing a book that's not dense with plot. That's not to say MR doesn't have a plot, but the plot is more a vehicle to get my protagonist to express himself as a character. The problem this is leading me towards, though, is the fact that the story might not even be novel-length. Unless, of course, I can find a way to stretch the three remaining plot points I have over forty or fifty thousand words.

Generally, I've been quite happy with the story thus far. I've been having doubts about scenes with the female lead(s). There's only been one so far, but I haven't been able to nail down the character of Helena as well as Stephen or Prentice. Why? Well, she's supposed to be perfect but not, beautiful but not, witty but not - the entire essence of her character is that she's everything and nothing at the same time. That, as you might imagine, is troubling to write.

Anyhow, onward and upward (sorry - I've seen the John Cheever episode of Seinfeld twice this week).


Mike Rubin said...

Hey buddy,

If I understand correctly you live in Ottawa and you are writting a book. How old are you?

I live in Montreal and I finished my first book. I am currently trying to edit it. Is this your first book? DO you have any advice?



11:32 AM  
Deli Samwhich said...

Hi pal,

Are you from Ottawa? How much do you weigh? What's your sign?

I'm a pisces from the Kitchener area. My girlfriend says she's tired of me coming home drunk with new tatoos and smelling of other men's cologne. GOT any advice?

7:01 PM  
Cavan said...

Mike - Nope, this isn't my first. The first was actually Blurred Line, which you can read for free via links on this blog, or you can pick up a copy off Amazon. And, you're in luck, I have actually written up a post on advice for new writers.

deli - Thanks for the comic relief, Greg. But I don't wear cologne. Who else have you been going around with?

9:48 PM  
Brad said...

Is the title "Mass Romantic" an homage to the New Pornographers album of the same name?

9:57 PM  
deli samwhich said...

who's "Greg"? I didn't mean you, you self serving, self centered, self indulging, self. I'm reaching out here...

10:55 PM  
Cavan said...

Brad - Yep, it is. Many of the songs on the CDs inspired different characters and plot points.

11:58 PM  

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