Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oryx and Crake

Finished reading this yesterday. Atwood's put together an amazing science fiction novel (that's right, I said SF, but I'm not going to go down that road again) that follows one of the last humans alive, Snowman, after an epidemic sweeps the globe. Snowman is something of a prophet to the race of people that will inherit the Earth (and were, incidentally, created by his friend, Crake). Atwood spins a tale with fantastic characters, as usual, and her ending, which she leaves open-ended, is perfect. Unsettling, witty, and unbelievably well-written. Go check this one out.

As an aside, I've decided not to start another novel at the moment, seeing how the beginning of school is just a week away. I usually do my reading during breaktime at work, so instead I've brought my notebook along with me and have used the time to work on GERA and, inspired as I was by Atwood's book, to sketch out my own post-apocalyptic short story.


Jen said...

I love reading but I have never heard of this book before. I'll have to check it out.

8:02 PM  
Dave In A Hat said...

Nor have I...BUT I do have some link to it. One of my friends did a review of it for the student paper I edit and thought of it very highly. So that's two people now. Must be good! :D

12:21 AM  
garnet said...

my housemate loves and recommends Atwood. And I like SF, so I'll just have to read this.

nice blog. i may also try your idea of buying attention for my blog. i don't care so much about hits, but i'm interested in a richer exchange with more bloggers. more hits means better possibilities for that.

1:32 AM  
Christopher Trottier said...

Poetry is the perfect way to get my writing fix. I work eight hours a day, so I only have time for a few hours of good lines.

2:07 AM  
cube said...

Isn't this the same Atwood who wrote The Handmaid's Tale?

10:27 AM  
Jennifer said...

Hey! I just started the book. Glad to hear you think it's good. I LOVED her book The Handmaid's Tale. First time I read it was for a Contemporary Litterature class...the discussion we had! IT was great.

10:59 AM  
Nicholas said...

Have not heard of Atwood yet. I tend not to focus on one particular author but a wide variety. It gives a good spectrum of opinions

5:14 PM  
Cavan said...

Jennifer - I read The Handmaid's Tale earlier this summer. Also read it for school, a class on Utopian Literature. Some pretty good discussion came of it and I ended up writing a paper on and Brave New World about sex and suicide.

Nicholas - Good for you. More people should read around. However, I'm surprised to hear of a reader who hasn't heard of Atwood. I think she's actually been classified a national treasure here in Canada.

5:28 PM  
Blue Gal said...

I heard this book on tape and it is awesome. But Atwood's Blind Assassin is even better. I would never commit suicide because, hey, Margaret Atwood probably has another book coming out and I don't wanna miss it.

6:37 PM  
Gem said...

That was one freaky novel!

9:11 PM  

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