Thursday, November 17, 2005

NaNo: Day 17

Well, if you haven't already guessed by looking at Mass Romantic's wordcount, I've decided to part ways with NaNoWriMo. To keep on pace, my wordcount should have been at a little over 28,000 by the end of the night. I'm currently at 11,500. Additionally, next week is going to be rough, since all of my midterms and essays have been jam packed into one four day stretch.

On the one hand, I'm a little disappointed with myself for dropping out, but on another I think that it's probably the best thing to do. Mass Romantic, over the last couple of days, has really come together in terms of the direction I want to take with it. Originally, for the sake of being able to write quickly, I'd planned for it to be a series of scenes revolving around one character, with only the loosest of plotlines to hold it together. However, I've discovered that these scenes can all be made to be interconnected and I'm feeling that this is really the best decision for the story. Frankly, I didn't expect anything I churned out for NaNo to be any good, but I've grown pretty fond of what I have so far in MR and I don't really think that the whole quantity over quality mantra is right for it anymore.

Anyhow, I'm quite pleased with my first NaNo effort - obviously not in terms of the progress I made towards being a winner, but in terms of what I actually produced as a result of signing up. If I hadn't taken the plunge, MR probably would never have gotten off the ground.

For the moment, I'll leave you to ponder the following somewhat-relevant passage: This is a good word; flux. I write it on a Post-It note. It sounds like something far off and futuristic, but really it is eternal. This is an irony everyone can enjoy.


Melly said...

Sorry to hear about NaNo, but happy to hear about MR.
You gotta do what's good for you at the end of the day, right?

8:29 AM  
girlzoot said...

I never thought I would write a single word for NaNo, so writing anything impressed the hell out of me.

My entire goal in NaNo was to not go insane with my classes and the writing, and to have total permission to suck.

At least you got the start you wanted.

3:27 PM  

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