Thursday, November 17, 2005

"A Note on Publishing Your Writing"

This is the email I found in my inbox today. A message from the Xlibris Corporation, who have "either learned about [my] passion for writing or [they] have had the pleasure of coming across some of [my] work". Or, if they wanted to be entirely honest, they could've just said that they stole my email address off of a list somewhere. Looks like the POD industry has now resorted to spamming, putting them among the lowest ranks of vermin on the internet.

My favourite part of the email, though, was this: "I completely understand how annoying unwanted email messages can be; if this is the case here, my sincerest apologies."

If I'd wanted you to email me, if I wanted to be given a spiel about how great your company is, then don't you think I would've made some effort to contact you? And, yes, unwanted email messages are annoying. I'm glad you realize it, but I have nothing but contempt for you since you've gone ahead and done it anyway.

I make my solemn vow to everybody that I'll never spam anyone with information about Apodis. If I do, I'll commit ritualized suicide via webcast right here on this blog.


Dave2 said...

Mmmm... creamy ritualized suicide!

Can it be seppuku? I've always wanted to see a disemboweling.

Not yours, of course, I'm just saying...

8:07 PM  
Arethusa said...

Omg, you got that too? You mean I wasn't the chosen one?


2:43 AM  
Ali Al Saeed said...

Every so often, I get similar emails, but these mostly coming from Authorhouse!

4:06 AM  
Cavan said...

Dave - Of course! Anything less would be a smear on the good name of ritualized suicide.

Arethusa - I know, it's almost like they emailed...well, everybody.

Ali - Good to see you! I'd expect this kind of thing from Authorhouse, but for whatever reason, I'd always assumed that Xlibris had a bit more integrity.

6:38 AM  
Benjamin Solah said...

I got a similar message the other day. Maybe it's the same company posing as different names, or I could be wrong. They wanted me to write them a thousand word short story to be published in some anthology...

6:08 AM  

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