Sunday, November 20, 2005

Weekly Writing Challenge

Last week's winner: The sole entrant was greywulf, but I imagine that was because people were so awestruck by his excellent piece of flash fiction that they couldn't possibly imagine competing against it. If you missed out on reading his piece, check it out here.

This week: At this very moment, I'm writing an essay about the depiction of love in metaphysical poetry. Sound like fun? Well, it isn't. But you know what would be fun? Writing a serious scene (or your favourite scene from a book or movie) as if it's the climax of some cheesy bodice-ripper romance.

(Personally, I suggest doing any scene from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.)


Greywulf said...

Oh my........ such praise :) Thank you!

On with the show:

They clenched, their eyes locked as their arms found each others' bodies, their soft caresses lighting their taught frames with untold passion.

"My darling, this cannot go on. The others are starting to suspect."

"But I have followed you for so long," came the reply, "Does that mean nothing to you?"

He looked at the lithe form before him. How he had come to search out for those huge languid eyes, knowing that they would be ever glancing towards him, wanting, needing something that only he could give. He had sensed the desire so keenly, and had wanted to return it many, many times.

He swallowed back a tear, knowing the only honourable course to take.

"No, it must end here, or we will destroy each other, and all we hold dear. I'll miss you, I'll miss you with all heart heart, I......"

I finger stopped his speech, a single touch like iced water on his red lips.

He saw in the darkness the eyes dim, a silent nod.

"I know."

With one final long sad look, Gollum dived into the mouth of the volcano, uttering one last soulful cry to his one true love:

"My precccccciouuuussssss..."

The End.

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